Mental Repair


All my life has been a series of chores, in a race,

And I’ve pushed so hard my nails have turned blue.

Now my mind and body both ache with fatigue,

But there’s days on end of work left to do.

And I’m tired, so tired,

Of not reaching my goals,

And the pressure’s laid on, as thick as hot coals.

My youth has been served to me, roasted, on platter.

Never before have I been a mad hatter.

Why, then, now, is my mind ever-scattered?

I need it here more than anything else.

But that quick chain of thought

I once prided ‘yond dreams,

Has placed itself on the highest of shelves,

Far, far away from my unyielding reach.


But enough of this gloom and despair!

Darling, just wake yourself up!

Stop dwelling on failure, empower yourself:

Find a goddamn ladder and get to that shelf!


And treat yourself with more care.

If you let yourself think that you’ll fall and you’ll fail,

Then by Jove, it can only be so.

But if you hold your chin up, you’ll catch storms in your sail,

And flying off to wonders you’ll go.


Cause perfection’s a sin, and numbers but lines,

So make better use of your time.

Please, just have some true fun.

I promise you life will be fine.